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The Best sticker paper to use

Regardless of if you use a Silhouette Cameo or a Cricut, I have tried out 7 different kinds of sticker papers to find the BEST sticker paper to use! 

Stickers have become so much fun to make- BUT- what sticker paper is the best to use? I tried out 7 different kinds to find you the best sticker paper to use! I even threw in some holographic and clear sticker reviews at the end! You should hopefully find some awesome sticker paper that fits you budget so you can start making stickers- for personal use or for a business!  


If you want more how to make sticker instructions- I have broken down the entire sticker process! We are going to be covering 


First things first when trying out sticker paper- make sure you are buying sticker paper that is compatible with your printer. There is inkjet printable sticker paper and LaserInk (Toner) sticker paper. and Sticker paper that you can use in both machines! I have an inkjet printer  so that’s the type of sticker paper I’m using (although most work with both- I’ll tell you what ones!) You also want to purchase paper that fits in your printer- all the ones I review are regular paper size. 

Keep in mind- all these sticker papers will work in both a silhouette cameo and a Cricut! I think a lot of newbies think you have to use cricut materials on a cricut and silhouette materials on a silhouette! You don’t! They all can co-mingle!


I labeled each kind of sticker paper- cut out the SAME sticker sheet for each kind and did experiments on them all!


I didn’t want to mix any up so I spread out down my craft room hallway. 

Here are the kinds we are testing today

Kinds of Sticker paper 

1. White sticker paper from Silhouette America

      Inkjet or laserjet printer. $0.87 a sheet (comes in a 8 sheet pack) Matte finish

2. Koala Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper from Amazon

Inkjet and Laser Printer. $0.50 a sheet (comes in a 20 sheet pack) matte finish 

3. 9527 Product Sticker Labels

    Inkjet/Laser $.013 a sheet (comes in 100 sheet pack) Matte

4. Avery Printable Sticker Paper 

    Inkjet $1.43 (comes in 5 sheet pack) Matte

5. JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

    Inkjet/Laser $0.64 a sheet (comes in 20 sheet pack) Matte

6. Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

    Inkjet/Laser $0.66 (comes in 15 sheet pack) Matte

7. Inkjet printable Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

     Inkjet  $1.99 a sheet Matte


I also purchased iLable Sticker Paper from Amazon (it came in a 100 sheet pack for $12. BUT they were a little too thin in my honest opinion So I didn’t throw them in the mix because number 3 is the exact same price but thicker!   I think they are more for printing labels to put on packages for small business and not for putting on cups or notebooks! We did use them to print address labels for my daughter’s graduation announcements (since we have 100 sheets to burn through!) They worked fine! But for the same price I would recommend buying number 3! 

I also didn’t get my cricut sticker paper delivered on time- but I had quite a few people tell me that they didn’t love it so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on it! I HAVE heard the cricut printable vinyl is good though- so I just put in an order for that! 

Also keep in mind- there are a TON of sticker paper options on Amazon! I knew I wanted to do this post so I have been scouring the facebook groups I’m in and anytime anyone mentioned one they liked- I added it to my cart! I also have another order of glossy stickers in case you really want a good sheen to your stickers! Stay Tuned! 

Let’s go! 


This test was a bust in my opinion. They all cut great. I had to adjust some settings here and there (number 7 is thicker than number 3) But they all cut smooth and I was able to have a nice clean sticker. (THIS was NOT the case with the holographic! I will talk more about that down below!) 

If you need help with Cutting out stickers- check out this post!


This was the main reason I printed the same sheet over and over again- I wanted to compare the colors of each paper! I talked about this in my PRINTER POST, but different materials will take the ink different! 


You want the most vibrant stickers-  number 1, 4, 6, and 7 were the darkest saturation. 3 was dark…but dull. 2 wasn’t as dark as the others- but it was bright and colorful so I don’t know if I would call it a loss.  No clear winner…but 3 was the loser.  (None of them smudged either!)


Have you ever tried to take the backing off a sticker and accidently tear the sticker? If you are wanting to sell stickers- you don’t want to have stickers that tear easily! So I did a tear test! 

This was where I started weeding out some sticker paper. 1, 3 and 4 are clearly PAPER sticker Paper. The other sticker paper almost feels a little more plastic/vinyl feeling and were harder to tear! But 1, 3, and 4 were so easy to tear! The hardest one to tear was number 7- I had to realllllly try and only made a slight dent in it. 

Winner: number 7

Losers; number 1, 3, and 4


No clear winners or losers here. They all stuck on a notebooks and mugs great. I was able to pull them all off. Number 1, 3, and 4 did not peel off great to the point where I could place them back down (they tore). I, of course, can’t confirm how long they will hold up in the long run…but for right now, they all stuck great!


Waterproof stickers are important! My kids put the majority of their stickers on water bottles- so I wanted to make sure you have a sticker that can hold up to a little wear and tear with water. 

First- I just ran it under some water. The splash test. 


Immediately the “paper” sticker papers- number 1, 3 and 4 started wrinkling and bleeding. (number 1 never bled- but it did wrinkle up and I felt like I could slide it off the mug. (after it dried- it was stuck again though. So 1 was the best of the “paper” stickers.)  


You might not think waterproof is really important if you are putting stickers on notebooks or envelopes–but this heart got splashed in my hallway and it immediately spread the ink. (this is number 4) So in my opinion- it’s better to do waterproof! 

After “splash” test… I took number 2, 5, 6, 7 and rubbed them like I was trying to clean the cup. The colors held up and didn’t bleed or spread!

SO THEN…I decided to go one step further….


Most stickers are hand wash only- (and vinyl projects too!) But let’s be honest. I’m lazy. I would love to throw them all in the dishwasher! And sometimes when kids are helping with the dishes-they will put things in the dishwasher that shouldn’t go in! So I threw in the 4 remaining contenders to see how they did! (number 2, 5, 6, 7)

I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!  First: the stickers all remained intact. No tearing, no moving, no peeling up. BUT the color…WOW!

THEY FADED! (I’m going to be honest- I still like the faded pastel colors! lol) BUT there was a clear winner! number 7! It looked just like it did when I put it in! For the record- It’s sold under printable vinyl- not sticker paper. AND it’s the most expensive! BUT in case you want the highest quality of stickers- number 7- expressions vinyl- is it!

Here’s a little visual for you. 1 looks great- but it didn’t go through the dishwasher! It would have got destroyed!


The best Sticker paper to use with Silhouette cameo or Cricut 

Okay- here are my thoughts! 

1. White sticker paper from Silhouette America

      Inkjet or laserjet printer. $0.87 a sheet (comes in a 8 sheet pack) Matte finish

This is a paper sticker paper. Not waterproof. BUT it did not bleed like the other non waterproof sticker papers. The colors when printed on were great. I would recommend this one as my favorite “paper” sticker paper. The backing is yellow. 

2. Koala Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper from Amazon

Inkjet and Laser Printer. $0.50 a sheet (comes in a 20 sheet pack) matte finish

This guy comes in as my second favorite! A great number 2 as it’s much cheaper! It didn’t tear easily- colors were great. Waterproof (but not dishwasher proof!) My only hang-up- it has words on the backing- so if you are selling stickers, it will read digital label! If you aren’t selling stickers- than you are good to go! 

3. 9527 Product Sticker Labels

    Inkjet/Laser $.013 a sheet (comes in 100 sheet pack) Matte The cheapest of all the options. I think it’s intended purpose is labels for shipping. NOT water proof- I would not recommend for stickers you want to use permanently- but if you are doing address labels- or stickers to put on an envelope when mailing- it would work great. 

4. Avery Printable Sticker Paper 

    Inkjet $1.43 (comes in 5 sheet pack) Matte 

This one is the second most expensive. It has lines on the back to make peeling of the backing easy- but it’s super annoying when doing small stickers. It also wasn’t waterproof. I’m going to put this as one of my least favorites. it also has writing on the back- so if you are selling stickers- it looks a little unprofessional! I was underwhelmed for it being a name brand! 

5. JOYEZA Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

    Inkjet/Laser $0.64 a sheet (comes in 20 sheet pack) Matte

This is my number 3- it does not have words on the back which will make it great for selling stickers. Good on tear test- good on color! Great on price! 

6. Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper

    Inkjet/Laser $0.66 (comes in 15 sheet pack) Matte

Great Has words on the back- not great for selling! But if it had no words on the back- it would tie with number 5! Good on color. good on tear test. 

7. Inkjet printable Vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

     Inkjet  $1.99 a sheet Matte

Won the tear test. ONLY winner in the dishwasher test. Most expensive. Not labeled as sticker paper- but printable vinyl!

So here is my list in order of my favorites: You are probably pretty safe to chose any in the top 4 for a good sticker! 

  • 7 (EV most expensive but the only one who held up in the dishwasher test and tear test)
  • 2 (KOALA– but words on backing- cheapest option of the waterproof kinds) 
  • 5 (JOYEZA (no words but a little bit more $ than 2)
  • 6 (PREMIUM words on the back but just as good as 5) 
  • 1 (SILHOUETTE– best out of paper sticker paper
  • 4 (AVERY- expensive and not worth it)
  • 3 (9527 cheapest- but not for “real” stickers)

Protecting your stickers

I know that there are clear transparent sheets you can put OVER your stickers after printing to protect them from wear and tear. (a good idea if you are planning on putting stickers on your car!) You adhere it to your sticker paper after it’s done printing- and then run it through your electronic cutting machine and cut out.  (You will need to adjust for added thickness!)  

I have used this one from Expressions Vinyl that I love- it will add the gloss look to your stickers! We used them when we drew directly on the sticker for a kids craft– and they have held up great (it’s been a whole year!) 

I have seen THIS one mentioned a lot- but the reviews are mixed! Air bubbles! So buy at your own risk! 

Clear (transparent) Sticker Paper

I only bought three- because they really aren’t my favorite-


1 Silhouette brand clear sticker paper

     Inkjet and laser printer $0.87 a sheet (comes in a 8 sheet pack)

      Not waterproof. Medium thickness. 

2 Avery Printable Sticker Paper

    Inkjet and laser printer, $1.45 (comes in a 7 sheet pack) 

   Same as the other Avery sticker paper- this has the lines through the backing- makes it a pain when peeling off the packing. Also- really           thin!

3 Printable Transparent Sticker Paper

   Inkjet $0.58 (comes in a pack of 17)

   Not waterproof. But the thickest and cheapest.

My favorite was the silhouette brand. (number 1.) Number 3 is really thick – so makes cutting a little harder- and it has a noticeable little edge when on your item! 

So. Transparent sticker paper is a whole other league. The colors didn’t smudge after printing–but they all smeared with a little water. 

I’m going to be honest- I didn’t love the clear. It doesn’t pop like the white sticker paper. I peeled off half of the peace so you can see. Unless you are putting it on a white cup/notebook- it really looks kind of dull.

I did think that this lips sticker for envelopes are a really cute idea

Or if you want to use it for labeling and want the clear look like the labels on the sticker paper packaging:

Black pops- just not any other color! So unless you have a specific need for clear sticker paper- I would stick with white paper! 

Holographic sticker paper 

Holographic I LOVED! So pretty and cool– but it also comes with some issues! 

I used two kinds:

  1. Holographic sticker paper

      Inkjet/Laser Printer. $1 a sheet comes in different sizes of sets

      says it’s waterproof- but needs to be pigmented ink!

2. Silhouette America Holographic dots 

    Inkjet/laserjet  $1.25 comes in a 8 sheet set Not waterproof. 

Neither one that I tried held up with water. They also didn’t stick after the water was on them. You can see them lifting. so both kinds I would definitely recommend NOT using on water bottles! That being said- Lots of things in the vinyl world are supposed to “cure” or sit before washing. I’m sure stickers are somewhat the same. I did try a week after printing to see if the colors would still bleed–and they did! 


I also had the hardest time cutting them out! It’s hard to read the registration marks with the business of the holographic. The silhouette comes with markers for the registration marks- but it still didn’t work great! I will write up a post about the hack to get them to work- but just keep in mind they were a little more difficult to cut!


That being said–they are GORGEOUS TO LOOK AT! I love them so much! 

Okay- hopefully you aren’t overwhelmed with making a sticker paper purchase! Just buy some and get started making all the cool stickers! I have some free sticker clipart here if you need some fun practice ones!  

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