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Bathroom cleaning checklist.

If you know me–You know I’m BIG into having my kids help out around the house! CHORES for everyone! I think its A. a valuable life skill to learn how to probably scrub a toilet or push a broom around and B. Teaches you a little respect when you have to clean up after people (like-how gross is it to have to clean a sink with old crusty toothpaste all around–you quickly learn to wash it all down when you are spitting) Each week–each kid is in charge of cleaning a bathroom (3 kids-3 bathrooms) and I noticed they are getting a little lax about the things that need to get done–so I made them a weekly bathroom cleaning checklist–and of course had to share it with you so you can be a “mean Mom” too! (To be honest–my kids don’t even complain anymore. They know it’s expected of them and they know they can’t play or watch tv until their chores are done so they usually get home from school and get right to work. It’s pretty awesome.)

I have it broken down per week since I don’t think some things need to be done each week- I also threw in a blank template so you can create your own. I have explained exactly how each item is done–First you have to add the toilet cleaner to the toilet (since you have to let it sits for a few) Sweeping means shaking out the bath mats etc. We all cleaned the bathroom together so I could show them exactly what each one means!

I laminated them (cause I love my laminator and I know my kids will get these wet when cleaning)

and then punched a hole and just hang on my cleaning station! 

Enjoy getting your bathrooms scrubbed!

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