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Laundry room organizer

First House 2.o post! I wanted to show you my new laundry room! I actually loved LOVED my old laundry room…so it’s pretty similar (I actually think I love the triangles more than the grid but whatcha going to do)

First up…Laundry sucks. Cause it does. (although I totally prefer laundry to dishes) Grab the cut file here! 

I bought this gridded wallpaper from amazon- I don’t love it. I mean..it looks great. It works fine…but I’ve added a lot of wallpaper to my house and this stuff reminds me more of contact paper than wallpaper. Just a little cheap.

Small cactus if Hobby Lobby. Big Cactus is from Michaels.


BUT the one thing I added and TOTALLY LOVE is this cleaning organizer! 

I’m a huge fan of having my kids help out with chores so I love having this shelf to keep my cleaning supplies cut…but easily accessible! IT’s a pegboard from Ikea!  I actually went in for a big rectangle for my craft room…but they didn’t have any so I grabbed a couple square. It didn’t quite fit in the space…so I opted to but the square one here Instead.  I used a few pegboard accessories! Package of hooks, cup colder, shelf, and the bar! Probably about $25 total! (and I should mention that I spray painted my pegboard pink! It comes in white and wood) 

So there you go! First peek into my newish/oldish house!

If you want some fun laundry printables..go here!


I actually have a home decor list on amazon of stuff I Have bought! Go here! 

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