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How to remove heat transfer vinyl from fabric

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I get asked this all the time…and I’ve never tried it…Until now! So if you have made a mistake –or maybe you just need a shirt for a one-time thing–This is going to be a great option for you! Let’s remove heat transfer vinyl from fabric!

The video is pretty self-explanatory–Plus is super satisfying to watch!

Here is the magic solution! I bought it off amazon HERE!

I just followed the instructions. Turn inside out–saturate the back

Stretch the fabric to loosen up the grip

It literally just peels right up!

You can see how just by pulling the fabric already releases the vinyl before you even start peeling.

It’s seriously so amazing–I want to start taking vinyl off all of my shirts! lOl!

There were a couple spots that I had to add some more solvent to just to help it along. The tiny intricate vinyl I would recommend using some tweezers to pull it off as it’s hard to grab!

Now! I have tried the iron method–where you basically heat it up to loosen the htv.

It works. But it’s not nearly as quick and easy as the solvent method! (but if you are under a deadline and need to get fix a problem and don’t have time to wait for Amazon to deliver–it would work in a pinch!)

Just in case you were wondering–I love Expressions vinyl heat transfer vinyl! It is the BEST! Lots of amazing colors–subscribe to their emails to get coupon codes!!!

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