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Luau Party

You know–I love any excuse to throw a party! So to kick off summer–I thought it would be fun to host a luau! And it was a blast!!! I thought I would you show you the fun ideas that I put together to pull it off–spoiler alert–almost all this goodness came from Oriental Trading! One stop shopping with all things parties.

There are 3 different stations-the food table- the photo booth and then the shave ice station! I’m going to break it down by each area–but you will be able to see that lots of items I grabbed from oriental trading I used in all spots. It’s nice to have fun stuff to tie it all in. The sunglasses, beach balls, leaves and leis you can see spread out across the party!

So first up–Here is the list of all the supplies for the food table:

Luau Party Food table

Let’s talk about these parrot plates! I loved them! They were so cute. I used it as my inspiration piece-based everything on them! Chose the colors and the decor with it! I think it’s overwhelming sometimes to hone in on ideas-you could have done a luau with so many color schemes and themes within a theme–so for me it’s easier to have a basic idea to base everything off of.

The table had a grass skirt along it-with the coolest paper flower garland. They pop up as you pull the string and then store flat! Loved them!

I added leaves on the table-as well as lots of fun pineapple and tiki torches to really add some tropical flair

I have a couple cake stands–I like to add things at varying heights to help break up the table

To the right of the table I wrapped these tiki cardboards around a barrel and a round basket. These guys were so big-and you got 3 for so cheap! We stuck the other one on the garbage so it was even tied in with theme!

The back is actually the rainbow table runner. This guy is 100 feet long–so I knew I could grab it and use it for all the tables and even backdrops!

And of course…let’s talk food. If I’m doing a party–I don’t want to be stressing about food. I try to keep it very easy! Pulled pork sandwiches, chips, swedish fish, pineapple, lifesaver candies and goldfish. Nothing that really required too much prep (the pulled pork just cooked in the crock pot why I decorated!)

I did make some pineapple cake pops. Cake pops aren’t the easiest thing to make. and They definetly aren’t perfect…but they tasted good!

We loved the tiki torches! They were so cool during the night–plus we filled them with the oil that keeps bugs away! WIN WIN!

Let’s move on! Shave Ice! It wouldn’t be a luau unless we ate our weight in shave ice! I rented a machine and it needed a whole space devoted to it!

Shave Ice Station

This sits on a card table–so I wrapped the rainbow table cover around it and then added another grass skirt table wrap and then a fun flower garland!

Added a couple more leaves on the table plus these super cute coconut cups and bamboo straws!

This sign is acutally cardboard that I painted, some cardstock I cut out and a big leaf from Oriental Trading. I used a pole painted like bamboo and a decorated a piece of wood to look like a palm tree to hold it up! Just zip tied to the table legs!

Photo booth

What party is complete without a place to snap all those fun photos!

I have a backdrop stand–but before I had it–I literally would just tape the backdrop to the side of my house or fence! It’s just a big navy queen flat sheet–but Oriental Trading has totally cute backdrops

I am actually putting a whole post together on how to do a balloon arch–I had so many questions on instagram where I was showing sneak peeks! but I just ziptied the balloon arch to the base and added all the fun potted plants from my house to bring a tropical vibe.

Loved the balloon parrot so much! Matched my plates and theme perfectly!

I painted this cardboard to look like a surfboard to use a fun photo prop

If you know me–You know I love flamingos–so I had to add some in the photo booth!

We let each person come through grab a lei–so they looked festive for the party!

I filled up a cooler up with water bottles (and beach balls!) but I wished I would have bought this!

We didn’t play many games–but we did end the night with more shave ice and watching a movie on the projector!

We watched 50 first dates–but we thought lilo and stitch, Moana, Soul Surfer are all good Beachy movies that go with the luau theme!

But if you are looking for some games to play–This water passing game is a blast. A luau Toss game would also be fun! You could do a water balloon toss. I also thought it would be totally fun to put together a coconut bowling game. (with some fun pineapple painted cans or water bottles!)

If you want to add some fun party gifts–you can add these fun printables I whipped up

We had so much fun at this party! Hope you are inspired to whip up a luau of your own!

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.