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Growth Chart Roundups!

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One of my favorite things, when I create something (like recently my growth chart), is to think of 100 different ways, color combinations or designs! I usually bulk craft for this reason–so many ideas! So I like to write up these roundups so you can be inspired by all the different ways you can make things! Because honestly..that’s the best part! I share the basic how to and you guys take that idea…create amazingness and unique crafts and then show me!!! So here you go…a growth chart roundup!


Free cut file

washi tape Growth Chart


Measuring Tape Growth Chart


TApe peel and stick growth chart 


Pink ruler

Jute ribbon version

Numbered ruler

striped chart


Framed birdhouse

Sharpie doodled growth chart 

Gorgeous gray and floral growth chart

Chalkboard ruler

Cactus version


Wood measurement

Surf Board


 stencil to Diy your own! 

Fabric growth chart 

Peter Pan themed chart

Customized growth chart

Map version 

DR. Seuss

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