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print and cut with the silhouette

Today we are going to step up and learn how to print and cut with the silhouette. It looks intimidating….but guess what! It’s so easy! WAY easier than cutting out each individual stuff with scissors! (this works with all versions of silhouette cameo) as well as the portrait!  As a bonus…I have free printables for these carrots (as well as bunnies and chicks!) I know it looks like weed. It’s not. I didn’t even think about it until I was done with the post! 


The hardest part if getting your program set up correctly. I made a youtube video because it seemed soooo much easier than me inserting 100 pictures!


Print it out….

If you have selected the right things in the silhouette studio, it should print with the registration marks around the edges.

You will need to trace…this is how the silhouette knows to cut out around and not the inside of the leaves!

Load it up and the silhouette will read the registration marks and cut out around.

Then you just get to peel up the design! The print and cut is soooo much nicer than cutting it out by hand!


realistically…I don’t have the patience to cut these out all nice. Mine look haggard! 

I just used cardstock for this….BUT there is also some printable vinyl from Expressions that is really cool if you want to an adhesive back!


And silhouette sells lots of awesome things that will work really well with the print and cut feature. Sticker paper, tattoo paper, shrinky sheets! Print on them and have silhouette cut out around it!

For the carrot egg…you just bend up the little tab.

and hot glue it to the egg! 

Super cute little diy! 


Grab the printables HERE (there are carrot, chicks and bunnies!) 

You saw these HERE (in case they look familiar!)


These carrot eggs look so cute next to my carrot patch cut file! Get it here! 


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