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The Best white elephant gifts!


This is perhaps one of my favorite posts to do every year….WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT IDEAS!

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I love these gifts! So funny! I pretty much look forward to buying these every single year!


So here are some funny white elephant gifts to buy or DIY this year!


Belly fanny pack! This is top of my list.

Talking Toilet paper roll


I probably still couldn’t solve this boob cube


If only I could embroider this good!

because hot dog stapler.


ipod speakers! 

A board game we all would love to play!

Weather rock! 



Unicorn fart



Imagine no one fighting over crayons…and then you open the box and there is MONEY! 

Funny idea! Round up all those gift cards with change!



Underwear repair kit!



Who wouldn’t want Nicholas Cage on their mug?


These are funny…but I would totally fight to win these pot pinchers!

anti stress tool!


TIny hands!


I know a whole lotta people that need this!

DIY spray tan!




Love all these knock knock pads

DIY a funny rug! I would fight for this door mat!


diy YETI

anything with ron swanson!

Hillbilly flashlight!


Dog earrings…from a picture of your own dog!



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