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the best White elephant gifts–round 3!

This week I thought I would give some fun roundups of the gifts I’m planning on buying…currently loving and want to buy, or things I have bought and love–perfect to help you figure out your Christmas shopping!!!


I love white elephant gifts! (the round 3 should have given that away!) ha! So here is a list of the funniest white elephant gifts…this year!  The very best white elephant gifts roundup! so many funny ideas! For the National Lampoon fan 71+Nf2QAJlL._SL1400_

For the person who needs to get their crap together… 81PbJy4d4gL._SL1500_ source

For the coffee drinker

81rEh3SMtfL._SL1500_ source

For the bacon lover (aka…EVERYONE) 61WkALdLMYL


For those days you feel like a unicorn. A1sqolSEHPL._SL1500_

For the guy that likes to go hands free! PFDZ2

For the lazy pet owner. 510krrb1tcL source

for the seinfeld fan…

41nHyOBk78L (1)

for any parent that has kids who love legos… 564a56c81600002d0026d7d6

For those vain man in your life…man buns! clip on man buns! (this one is my favorite!) 41sCAYjL8hL

For the oreo fan

41OkywUK74L._SL1280_ 31VGg2VGZ0L

For those people who love to take naps. George Constanza would have loved this!  61yB2503LxL


for the person who thinks boogers are funny. 41p90uCjLqL._SX425_

For the person with a huge sweet tooth! 11-Python

For the office lover 41w4bhOelQL

For the ice cream lover 51M6GL-l+EL source

For the 50 shades of grey fan…


For the girl that is expecting some huge gesture!

9nUIuUu source

For the person who loves baths!

Or this version…


For the man that likes to cook. 71GDX2UKMCL._SL1500_

For the person who LOVES their lucky charms. 91RYYlZ0lpL._SL1500_

for the obama nonfan.



For that hard to reach spot fc4e6f20bc709302ffcb0dfecb2d7e0e


for the cat fan 51o584jCdoL._SX467_BO1,204,203,200_


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