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Camping games!

I have 20 nieces and nephews. With another on the way.

stimpson clan

so Camping games are a MUST!!!!

Here are some super fun games we have played–that are really easy and don’t require too much work!

Twister: You can spray paint directly on the ground or on a tablecloth IMG_7998


My mom made the spinner…using a magnetic board!
twister spinner

camping spot it game! we love the original game of spot it!




Deal or no Deal

camping deal or no deal game

my mom put together this fun deal or no deal game! bunch of numbered cards on sticks. then we had amounts that were just taped to the back. (and changed each round!) deal or no deal game

We picked one person to be it and then everyone held a money card so they couldn’t see the back. Then they would pick “their” card. Then pick and choose cards like the game. (We used a poster board with different colored stickers to keep track of the amounts that were on the cards!)


camping charades Camping-Charades

candy bar game candy-bar-game

Always a classic…and the prize is candy..so what’s not to like?


Tic tac toe T

giant JENGA giant jenga

Just some 2×4’s cut sanded and painted… IMG_7795

stack and play!   fun yard game and these make fun building blocks after it crashes!!! jenga camping game

Log tug of war 7e30e0a2ca64fc8a765f5a09ac6445d4

instead of crates find two tree stumps close together…and a rope!

We have also played muscial chairs!

camping musical chairs

Camping Family Feud camping family feud

I actually made some free printable for you (I polled my awesome facebook people! (follow me here)

Just split into teams and of course these aren’t always applicable to all families..so feel free to scratch of what doesn’t work for your family!   best part of camping camping food printables camping free printables favorite thing to do camping worst part about camping family feud game

and basically ANY minute to win it game would be a blast!  7b445515cfc8157a0195b6abd4806e52


in the past we have played BEAN BOOZLED! have you played? go HERE

Tomorrow will be CRAFTS (my favorite part!)


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