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Paint storage and organization roundup

Listen guys. I took art classes for many, many years. I know all you really need in the paint department is red, yellow blue, black and white. That’s it. you can make whatever color you want or could need.

BUT sometimes it’s just so much nicer to need a coral paint color…and grab a coral paint. LOADS easier!

So don’t judge me or all these awesome people by the amount of paint we own. INSTEAD….be proud that it’s not just sitting in a big box…mmkay???

and if you have any amazing way you store your paint….let me know!

Paint on.

Rustic shelf

Clipped Paint

Craft Hutch

Spray Paint Rack

Swinging Shelf

Old Toolbox

Hidden paint storage

T Brace Shelf

Small craft crate

Paint Racks

Wall of shelves

Color coordinated in a cubby

Paint Door

Paint Wall

Wine Crate

Hanging Paint 

Craft Paint Box 

Basket Storage 

Container Storage

Paint Drawer

Keurig Carousal Paint Storage 

Pull Out Shelfs

Steps Storage

Vintage Crate

PVC Storage

PVC Pipe Craft Paint Storage

Color Everything 

Wood Shelf Paint Storage 

Paint Peg Board

Towel Bar Paint Holder

Blue Paint Shelf

Paint Shelf

Paint Wall

DIY Hanging Paint Storage

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