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Measuring Tape on your craft desk

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Yesterday I was getting a post ready that involved some fun washi tape.


and as I was pulling off some washi from my new organizer,

My measuring tape washi tape fell down onto my desk!


I have been wanting to put a measure tape on my craft desk. I thought about adding a yard stick to the side of it–or even this fun vinyl version.

But I have never quite gotten around to it! But this washi tape was bing bang boom and done!!!

The only requirement is that you will want to make sure it’s actually the correct measurements! Some might be decorative and not exactly an inch apart!


I cut vinyl a lot–and I always a measuring how big I need to cut designs to fit on my projects. I love that it’s right there where I am working! 



And if you look closely you can see that I added striped washi tape to the side of my desk-You can read about that post HERE!

Grab some measuring Tape washi tape here

And there is also this stuff:

and this! 

I also think this washi tape is totally cool…just add it to notebooks or paper for a fun list to check off!

This is one of my most popular posts: words on washi tape!

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