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Candy flower bouquet

We actually made these candy flowers for my daughter’s teacher for Valentine’s day! But they are also perfect for Mother’s day or birthday or just because…chocolate is the universal gift!

So easy! Just check out the video!

Here are the supplies I used:

You can use whatever candy you want….but you will want something round and pretty colored to coordinate with your flowers! (and you can use whatever color crepe paper streamer)

I wrap a strip around the candy and then hot glue it in place. Then I hot glue the straw and place it in the bottom. (The video will show you what I mean!)

Fold over crepe paper –each flower can have as little as 5 petals…or even 25 petals if you want a big bloom!

and cut a basic petal shape.


Then I just hot glue it around the bud. Petal by petal!

around and around  until you like the look of the flower!


We placed the leftover candy into a jar and used is a vase to hold the flowers!

If you want another cute mother’s day idea…check out this one:¬†



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