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ikea spice rack makeup/jewelry station

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I posted a sneak peak of my daughter’s “get ready wall” on instagram (follow me–agirlandagluegun)


and people had a lot of questions about the ikea spice racks!

(You can grab them on amazon) although they are lots cheaper if you have an ikea nearby! $3.99 I think!

Bekvam Spice Rack


So I thought I would share the whole details!

Here is the full view:

get ready station

This is a little nook behind her bedroom door. (you’ll have to excuse the pictures…her room is down in the dark basement!) makeup wall for college

You can check out the mirror HERE!)

fun ikea shelf ideas hack!

(The wake up and makeup is vinyl from Expressions vinyl!) makeup vinyl

I took the  spice racks and flipped the bottom two upside down. They are the best shelves for girly stuff–fits the nailpolish and lotions and perfumes and makeup perfectly!  organizing with ikea spice rack

One of the bars we screwed in hooks to hang necklaces.

ikea spice rack necklace holder



You can also just attach the  necklaces right around the bar



or add some s-hooks to the bar


The other bar has sunglasses over it sunglasses sunglass holder

I want to buy two more shelves and add them below and get rid of the box shelves.

make up wall for tweens

They will hold chapstick and earrings and hairstuff in the other two shelves. and other important stuff….like selfies.  fun tween room We are also planning on updating her hooks now that we have hobby lobby nearby!

It’s a fun use of space!  make up station

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