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30 Valentines Roundup

I have a have a love hate relationship with Valentines. I don’t really care so much about presents and all the roses and smushyness. BUT I LOVE the funny and cute Valentines Ideas! (and pink is my favorite color)  So here is a fun roundup of amazingly clever and cute Valentines for your kids (or for you to give to your kids!) And lots of ideas that don’t involve candy!!! 

You’re so FLY

You’re all that and a BAG OF CHIPS

You’re a-MAZE-ing

You’re AwesomeSAUCE  Valentine

I am BURSTING with happiness that you’re my friend

Emoji printables

I’m CEREALsly glad you’re in my class

COLOR me happy to be your friend

I’ve got my EYES on you

Friends like you are GOLDEN

Glow stick love bugs

FRUIT love

FRUIT valentines

HANDS down you’re the best


I DIG you

I’m CRAZY for you

Our class would KNOT be the same without you

You’re one in a MINION

You o”FISH”ally have our hearts

You make me happy when skies are gray

SIP-SIP Hooray


I am so glad we are in the same TROOP

YODA Best Valentine

You’re the BOMB

You Make My Heart RACE

Pockets for candy

You are a GEM

You’re Kool

I like you a LATTE

Socks with free printables! 

My heart BOUNCEs for you 

ROBOT Valentine

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