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Emoji Valentines

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Welcome to my blog! So glad you have stopped by! Make sure to check out my other way fun Valentine stuff HERE before you leave!

So I ran across some heart and lip candy….

and totally thought…I love emojis..these would be totally cute  as their eyes…and the mouth…

and I hopped on picmonkey and got designing…. emoji valentines

and then ran across these from My sister’s suitcase...


and since hers are wayyyyy more cuter….Just go over and print hers!  here are a couple plain jane ones (my 11 year old didn’t want any cutesy saying!)

EDITED to add: The candy hearts are palmers…found at Winco or smith’s–but I tracked some down HERE. The lips candy was also from Winco! Buy some HERE!

and I just attach them with glue dots 

You can grab these printables HERE

emoji valentine free printable emoji valentine heart emoji heart eyes



Make sure to head here for fun Valentines games!


This post may contain affiliate links!

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