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Easy Headbands out of tights!

I have been making these DIY headbands since my daughter was a baby (so a good 8 years!) They are so easy and cute and made out of TIGHTS! easy-headbands-for-toddlers-and-babies-out-of-tights and you can totally adjust how thick you want the headbands (I have photos of each size down below!) cute-and-easy-headbands


How to make Diy Headbands out of tights:

This is the type I bought.


It was $6 (insert shocked emoji face!) They used be $2. They do have cheaper options…but you don’t want “nylons” –they are a little too thin to work! But you can get about 10 headbands (give or take on the size you make them) so that’s pretty cheap!

The video will show you how to make the easy DIY headband




Here are some things that video doesn’t explain….the closer to the toe you cut…the smaller the headband. So these are great baby sizes. The closer the top (thigh area) the bigger they stretch out).  cut-off-strips

Also the thicker you cut–the less stretch you will get out of them. Once you cut you will pull the sides and stretch it out and it will also curl the edges so you won’t see if you make a wonky cut or not!

stretch-headbands On the thicker ones, sometimes you can’t get the alligator clip around all the fabric..so I snip a TINY hole (because it will stretch out when the headband is on) So I can slip a bow on easily! (you also hot glue on the bow or flower)  tiny-hole-for-hair-bows
headband-with-cute-bow This is the large…(about 5 inches)  headband-for-babies

This is the medium (about 3 1/2 inches)


This is the small about 1 1/2 inches
palmer-head-band and this is my cute niece!!  palmer

So there you go…the easiest little headbands that fits most babies and toddlers heads! It would be perfect to add to this cute baby gift! 

And this is where I feel obligated to talk about how headbands can be a choking hazard so please be careful!

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