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Stork Baby present!

I’ve got another fun and easy baby present idea for you! Stork diaper gift! It’s like a diaper cake…with 1/8 of the work but 100% of the cuteness!
Check out this super fun baby present idea--blanket and diapers You just need a blanket (a nice swaddle one would be perfect) and a package of diapers in you size of choice! diapers and a blanket I wrapped the diapers with some little rubber bands to keep them nice

diaper rolls

and then just rolled the blanket like you would a bandanna to wear in your hair. Then tie a knot at the end and fill with diapers.

diaper --perfect baby shower gift

I cut the stork out of cardstock with my silhouette cameo  but you could find an image you like and print it off from google! stork gift idea



Super easy to make it girly or boy(ey) by switching out the blanket!

pink version

Here is the congrats printable (just right click and save to your computer)  congrats sign


You can go HERE to seen another fun baby gift idea! baby shower gift --easy present

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