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Pumpkin Golf!

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today I’ve got  a super fun activity…Pumpkin Golf! It is totally perfect for classroom parties at school, trunk or treat game, or just because you need to keep the kids entertained! and the bonus part is that it’s super easy and you can reuse it year after year! best-classroom-party-game-pumpkin-golf-kids-love-it


Here is what you need:

You can actually use a real pumpkin for this–but I don’t like to touch the guts of the pumpkins (Jimmy Fallon EW) and now I can reuse this one each year!

I actually drew out a few pumpkin face designs trying to decide what one I liked best.. sketch-out-pumpkin-faces

If you notice they all have one thing in common…BIG MOUTHS! You need to have a jaw dropping pumpkin….literally! The have to be able to putt the ball into the mouth so it needs to go to the very bottom!

I took my carveable pumpkin and sketched out the face design. and used my xacto knife to carve the face! craft-pumpkins-that-you-can-carve-no-mess

I put together a quick video for you to show you the process…

If you notice after I cut out the mouth I trim down the bottom “lip” to make it as smooth as possible for the ball to go in!  halloween-trunk-or-treat-game pumpkin-golf-fun-easy-diy-for-kids

Now. I included red felt in my supply list and here’s why. If the kids are little, it can be hard to putt. So I created a “tongue” to help guide the ball in! I would say 8+ doesn’t need the felt…and below that age could benefit from it! how-to-create-this-fun-game-for-classroom-parties


Another quick tip–It helps to have a backboard, wall,  or curb so you aren’t chasing missed balls everywhere! pumpkin-golf-for-cool-kids-school-games

You could get a couple different sized pumpkins with different size of mouths and make each pumpkin worth points (or candy!) pumpkin-golf-fun-kids-game

And here’s another fun twist…add a flameless candle with poster putty to the top and do some night golf!  night-time-miniature-golf

This is the point where my daughter informed me it looks like an owl ! and it does! ha!

and since I like to be resourceful…I thought it would be perfect to store some fun treats in as well when not being used! (this was just an excuse to buy candy early though! and I already ate half of it!)


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halloween-games-for-classroom-parties and monster playdoh is ALWAYS FUN! stuff-for-halloween-party-900x600

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