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Fairy lantern

You might remember this a few weeks back posting over at 30 handmade days!

Fairies are turning into one of my daughter’s favoritest things! We have a whole fairy garden in our backyard! I knew that a cute little fairy lantern would make my daughter so excited! And they are super easy to make!

fairy glow jar

I made a little video but the tutorial is down below if you want a step by step!

Start by grabbing an empty mason jar. I tried to find one that had a smooth side –an empty spaghetti sauce or salsa jar would work great too! mason jar crafts

I used a couple colors of spray paint and gave it one nice light coat. Enough to cover the jar…but still wanted it to be a little opaque!  spray paint jar Made it look like a little ombre! how to ombre a mason jar

In the video I weeded out the fairy on the right…but when I tried to add it to the inside of my jar it was more difficult because of all the cut outs in her wings. So I would recommend finding the most solid fairy silhouette you can find!  fairies

I cut it out of Expressions Vinyl and just peel and stuck it to the inside of my jar.  fairy vinyl decal

The reason for the fancy multi colored spray paint was because I wanted the mason jar to look pretty when it was sitting there not in use.

mason jar painted

but then when it turns dark, you add a light and watch it glow! fairy jar


You can add in a battery operated tea light  (aflink) or glow sticks! flameless tea lights

The light from these glow yellow…so the jar is yellow regardless of what you paint it.

fairy lantern

But I bought some purple glow sticks…and why they don’t last as long…they do change the color of the fairy lantern!

fairy glow jar with light sticks

So you can choose what is easiest for you! If you are making them for camping the glowsticks would be fun to add in each night!

There you have! super easy and cute Glowing fairy jars! If you want to see more fun crafts you can check out

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