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5 fun things to do with tin cans!!!

Alright guys….I’ve got a super fun post for you! 5 fun things to do with tin cans! yup…corn, green beans, tomatoes, cream of mushroom! we are saving all those cans, cleaning them out and having some fun!!! 5 fun crafts and activites that you can can do with tin cans a girl and a glue gun tin cans

Spray paint will make these cans totally fun and colorful! and of course you can have kids decorate them with paint or stickers to really jazz them up!!! tin can activities

FYI!–The cans with the pull tab is going to give you a lip that won’t cut little fingers! So keep that in mind!

can with a lip

Okay…here’s all the fun stuff you can do with old tin cans!

1.Tin can bowling! tin can bowling

You can stack them or just lay them out. Use rocks, a ball, even bean bags! Bowling is classic! I don’t care who you are…knocking stuff down is always fun!  summer fun game tin can bowling Tin can telephone! tin can telephone game Bringing it back to old school!!! My kids were so excited to try this! and they really worked! Two cans, pop holes in the bottom with a nail and a hammer. pop a hole in the bottom string through some yarn and tie notes to keep them from falling out the holes. how to make an old school game of telephone

Then tell secrets all summer long!  fun summer kids activities

3. Tin Can planter
tin can planter

Just like the telephone game…Make sure to pop some holes in the bottom to drain the water! Let the kids decorate the cans (we actually just used paint pens! no mess) Then plant the seeds and watch them grow!  decorate tin can diy planters out of cans

This one was probably my kids favorite! 4. Tin can Stilts tin can stilts Make some holes on both sides towards the bottom (which will become the top!) string through some rope or twine and tie a knot.  tin can how to make stilts recycle
how to make stilts diy

FYI: it was a lot easier to walk on hard ground instead of grass!  tin can stilts easy diy for summer fun 5. Tin Can Toss: tin can toss

We just spread them out and added some painted rocks to toss into the cans! You can put treats inside and if you get the rock in the can you get the treat. This would also be super fun if you had different sizes cans. the big big cans could be worth 5 points. medium size 15 and small cans could be worth 50!

tin can toss with rocks and spray painted cans

and some honorable mentions:

this wind chime was so fun to make! My kids helped in every step of the process! (go HERE tin can wind chime

You can also get tons of different sizes  of cans and let the kids “build” with them!

and My daughter was playing around and hiding rocks under the cans and we had to guess and see which one was it. A cute little memory game!

fun game for kids Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out my other fun kids crafts here like these fun trash robots 056