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Summer Time Water Fun

School is out….the summer is warming up and we are going to beat the heat with WATER games this summer! I’ve rounded up over 40 of the funnest things to do with water! Games, crafts, activities! So many fun things! Make sure to check out the pool noodle hacks….! Which one is your favorite?

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over 40 super fun ways to have fun this summer with water to cool off on these hot days

Water Balloon Baseball

Banana Boat How to Play Water Balloon Baseball

Pool Noodle Sprinkler


Wipeout Course with Water Balloons


Pool noodle raft (can’t find source!) 74a655c8afb7625d734de5b81b829f08 Water target 0fc3d71de86eb0c430c3f7dd6be24dad

squirt gun refill station squirt-gun-refill-station

Hula Hoop Sprinkler


Water Course


Leak Proof Water Blob


Mini Water Blob


Mass produce Water balloons (these things are AWESOME) 71pWiAHwntL._SL1425_

frozen ice cubes ic3_thumb[1]

Water Blasters


Ice Block Fun


water balloon volleyball IMG_2840_2

Squirt Gun Car Race


Squirt Gun Races


Milk jug toss water balloon toss out of milk jugs

Colored water balloons Colored Water Play in the Play Pool (15)

glow in the dark swimming pool. glow-stick-hacks-14

Diy dunk tank img_0743

Pass the Water


Kids Car Wash


PVC Sling shot 1664992_orig

water ramp IMG_0254

Sponge Bombs


Slip Slide Bowling


Target practice DSC_0838

Pvc shooter water-toy-1

Water hopscotch 71tTUUvKAhL._SL1000_

Rain Gutter Boat Float


Squirt Gun Painting


Make Your Own Water Slide


 Frozen T-shirt Race


Balloon pinata july-0764

Surprise water fight 6d43b80559aae98332f1049156ce20b5

Fill the cup game pass-the-water-cup-game

Water balloon fight shield (from the dollar store!) Simple-Water-Fight-Shields

sprinkler set up DSCF1650

Water balloon Challenge Water-Balloon-Challenge

duck duck goose game….with WATER! summer-childrens-game

pvc sprinkler pvc-yard-sprinkler-for-kids

plastic bottle sprinkler Homemade-Sprinkler-3

Water balloon Jousting 

We actually bought this thing last year! We love it!  61yeO-jvyrL._SL1000_

Make sure to check out these fun water balloon crafts and games roundup water-balloon-roundup

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