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Half square triangle quilt practice blocks

At the last Snap blog conference I went to, I ended up in a pillow sewing class taught by Simple Simon and Co (love these girls!) I have toyed a little around with quilting. and when I say quilting I mean I have sewn some squares together. But they were teaching a half square triangle and showed about a dozen totally unique and amazing quilts…that look really tricky. But when you get close….all Half Square triangles! When they break it down it looks so easy!  FullSizeRender-2-1024x1024

Which got me thinking…I needed a way to plan out these fun quilt blocks. We did get a little paper with the triangles on it…but I wanted something fun and colorful to play around with!!! Enter: Half square triangle quilt  practice blocks!

half square triangle quilt practice blocks

I had some wood leftover from reframing my chalkboard wall….and just got comfortable with my husband’s chop saw (and I didn’t cut my finger off! yeah!) I used primed base molding–really cheap! It comes in different sizes….and you could buy bigger and make it large…or smaller if you don’t have a lot of room!  (I cut 32 triangles..but you could do more

After I got it all cut I pressed them together to see what size of frame to make for them (I left about 1/4 inch extra so I could get the pieces out and had a little wiggle room!

(frame tutorial here) how-to-make-wood-frames-300x200

I separated them into half. 16 and 16. Then painted each side a different color. So 16 white. 16 pink. 16 blue 16 gold. and since the back was painted a fun color (navy blue) you can use it as well!

fun building quilt blocks

It is totally crazy how you can take one design (like this star) and look how different it looks with different colors or just a switch of a couple triangles! star quilt

I mean check out all these patterns!!!  chevron, checker board, herringbone, arrows….so many cool options! quilt patterns

and bonus–your kids will love playing around it! like tanagrams! My daughter even came up with a few patterns that I didn’t! kids craft

I thought that you could add some velcro or something so the blocks stay inside and then you could use it a functional piece of art for your wall!

quilt art

Make sure to check out Simple Simon and Co quilt blocks for loads of awesome ideas!

They also have a book! (they are pretty legit!) (See it HERE (aflink) 51yZw2w0gIL._SX378_BO1,204,203,200_


Sugar bee crafts just did a fun roundup! see it here:  half-square-triangle-pillows-530x1024

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