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Easter bunny cinnamon rolls!

yup. a food post. But don’t you worry! It’s a cheat one. You can make these super cute easter bunny cinnamon rolls..with a cheat!

easy easter bunny cinnamon rolls made from store bought rolls. perfect for Easter morning breakfast or brunch

yup. premade cinnamon rolls. Easy…and cute. skadoosh.

cinnamon rolls One cinnamon roll will be the face. then you will unroll a cinnamon roll and cut it into pieces for the ears.

This package at 8 rolls in it…and I ended up getting 6 Easter bunnies. how to make cinnamon roll bunnies for easter

You just arch the pieces to look like ears and press into the cinnamon roll to keep them stuck together. Remember that the dough will grow so don’t make your ears too close together!

easter bunny treats for breakfast

frost and eat! bunny rabbit cinnamon rolls for easter

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