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Christmas tree from scrap wood

So…I made a BAZILLION frames (only a slight exaggeration!) and with all those cute frames came piles and piles of scrap wood.

AND ever the thrifter…. IMG_0457

I just laid them out and tried to find varying sizes (I had to trim a few) and then I “let” my 7 year old sand them! IMG_4356

and paint

painted wood sticks

I sanded down the edges and splashed some white paint on them and added a star

You can buy some wood stars here.

Then hot glued it all together! (using scented glue sticks!!!)  scented glue sticks

I thought it would be really cute with red buttons on it! wooden christmas tree with buttons

It was actually my daughters idea to alternate the different colors! wood scrap tree

I’m using them in my planters on my front porch–just make sure the middle stick is super long.

Or add into their own personal pots!

christmas trees made from scrap wood wood scrap christmas tree

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