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4th of july bandana wreath

patriotic bandana wreath by a girl and a glue gun

so i cheated! i wanted to make this wreath (this wasn’t in the plans–but i last minute decided i needed a new 4th of july wreath)

and i went to walmart and letmetellya….those bandanas were picked over! seriously…they are sparse!!!!

and NO red white or blue ones to be seen….

so i was going to scrap it…but then i went to joanns…

cause…well i love joanns and i had my husband’s money burning a hole in my debit card

and i found some bandana looking fabric in the cuddle flannel section.

and it was 50 % off. so i cheated and used this…


BUT if you can get your hands on bandana–use them!!!! you would probably use 1 blue one and 2 red to cover a wreath..

and speaking of wreath forms…

i couldn’t find the size i wanted..

so i made one with a swim noodle from the dollar store and duct tape… DSC00314

i just ripped the fabric in 2 inch strips and wrapped it around (and added a bit of hot glue to keep it in place)


i decided it need a bit of jazz…


and played around with some stars

bandana wreath wasn’t loving this…

so i whipped up a bigger star

popsicle stick star

and just hot glued those suckers right on

4th of july wreath 3 it literally took longer to heat up my hot glue than to actually make it…so if you are in need of a wreath for tomorrow–this is totally doable!!!!

P.s…you can make these Popsicle stick stars for your Christmas decorations!

stick star made from popsicles

bandana week

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