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Halloween pop rock cupcakes

Hey friends! I’ve got a fun cupcake post for you today! It’s part of cupcake diaries 30 days of Halloween!



Last year I did these fun peep straws with eyeballs drinks (go here) 

I don’t realllly cook/bake but I like to sign up for this series because I can do fun, fast and creepy! I like to prove that you can be a “cool” mom without much effort! Like these super fun pop rock cupcakes!!!
pop rock cupcakes for Halloween I don’t even make cupcakes from scratch (I do sometimes smash up ores and cookies in the batter)

cupcakes with cookies

But the real fun part is the topping! I ran across some pop rocks at the dollar store and thought….I wonder if these work on cupcakes! There are also so many fun ooey gooey stuff to stick on cupcakes!  supplies

I added some Wilton blood red gel…

cupcakes blood red and put on the pop rocks like sprinkles! Since they are on icing they will slowly pop and fizz–So I would do it no later than 10 minutes before serving! These are fun just as sprinkles….or add eyeballs… monster cupcakes Make some giant candy corn out of laffy taffy… candy corn candy corn shaped laffy taffy stick on a pinwheel pin wheel cupcakes or add some toys.. cupcake topper eyeball cupcake so many fun ways to decorate them up! cupcakes for halloween

Pop makes really make these fun to eat!

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