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Tree stump centerpiece

Thank you to FloraCraft® for sponsoring this post!
tree stump centerpiece This month for my Floracraft challenge was……. floracraft supplies

This floral arrangement kit is amazing…It holds everything you will ever need to make some fun floral arrangements! (Which is good cause I’m a noob at it.) arrangement kit I shot to Joann Craft Store and bought some extras to play around with. joann craft supplies I found this fun wood planter thing at the thrift store–but if you want to DIY your own…I found a great tutorial HERE–But basically you need a big Drill wood boring drill!

I filled it with some Desert foam® fill with floracraft foam (okay. confession…This is my plan b…I worked on my plan A all day….and just can’t quite get it right where I want it…stay tuned because I haven’t given up yet!) So I used some scraps from my first project to fill it up! But Make it Fun® has lots of different sizes and half balls that would be perfect for this!


I bought some moss on a roll at Joann Stores so I just cut a piece and laid it over. faux moss Then filled with flowers and succulents. bird eyes view of floral arrangment succulent planter with wood slice

What I love about this is that you can take out the flowers for a really natural look. Or swap the orange and pink and add peach and coral for a totally different color scheme!!!  fun close up of wood planter and florals


I love these succulents so much! I used them last month..(go here succulent-planter-made-with-foam I planted some succulents on my windowsill a few months ago…and as they die (cause I suck suck suck at keeping things alive. Seriously . I should get an award for keeping my 3 kids alive.) but as they die I replace them with fake ones…I dare you to try to figure out what one is real and which are fake! planters in the window succulent planters Make sure to head HERE to see all my Make it fun® crafts!


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