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Iron on Vinyl Tags for Homemade clothes and giveaway!

This fun post is part of heat transfer week put on my Expressions Vinyl! heat transfer week sponsored by Expressions Vinyl easy clothing labels made with iron on heat transfer vinyl a girl and a glue gun I like to sew for my kids! I love to make fun little outfits and it makes me happy to see my kids in them! The downside is that most of the time they can’t figure out which side is the front….and which side is the back!  HEAT TRANSFER VINYL TO THE RESCUE!  127 (you can see this cute neon dress here)

These are super easy and fast…and they are small so they are great for scraps! Hop on your silhouette studio and design your custom logo…or some funny ones

iron on vinyl clothing labels for kids
(My kids always tell people….”It’s made by my mom” So I thought it would be cute on the clothes I made!)

When working with heat transfer vinyl--you will need to flip it horizontal before cutting!  flip horizontal You also load the vinyl upside down– So when you weed it there is clear plastic sheet that stays in tact and you are pulling off all the vinyl that isn’t part of your design!  heat transfer vinyl weeding Then flip it onto your project and iron directly onto the plastic sheet— heat transfer labels Press (PRESS) for 15 seconds  then peel up the plastic sheet!  iron on vinyl


fun iron on clothing labels You can add these fun tags to anything you make! Here’s one on a back of a pillow!  pillow with handmade tags or I thought they would be super cute on the pocket of the levi aprons I make.  A really fun way to say that “Hey, I made this with my blood, sweat, tears, sewing machine. ” Especially if you have an etsy shop… or like to give your friends stuff!


Or a special little reminder for your kids of how awesome you are–
tag for skirt

Or you know sometimes you buy shirts that have a big itchy tag….cut it off and add some so your kids know which is front and back…literally. snip off annoying tags and add some vinyl from expressions vinyl

(I had to do this with my daughter’s underwear when she was 4!)


Expressions Vinyl has these sample kits

11796464_1031801830185607_6520236955965683588_n All the fun colors they own. You could totally Order a $5 ring….make sure your tag is small enough to fit…badda bing badda boom…you have over 40 tags in all the colors!  heat transfer labels expressions vinyl You can also iron them onto little patches and sew them onto your clothing/projects as needed

I ddi tag for homemade skirts and shirts I didn’t make the jacket…but I added some vinyl to the front so it’s kinda considered handmade right?
custom tags for sewing projects

Or you can make it big and add it to a corner of a blanket!

expressions vinyl blanket detail

and now a $100 giveaway for one of you to Expressions Vinyl to get your own fun vinyl!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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