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30 days of sundresses…the play dress

Today I’m participating in Melly Sews 30 days of Sundresses Sundresses2015-250px

and since we love dresses…I HAD to participate!

I have this daughter…

she is very tom boy. But the girliest tom boy ever. She will want to ride on a motorcycle as fast as you dare go…while wearing an Elsa dress. (do you know the type?)

So I wanted to make her a dress that looks cute…totally girly. But she can move and shake in. playground dress My ONE craft store is seriously lacking on knits. I can get the basic colors of the rainbow…but no funky colors. So I instead buy and hoard giant t-shirts (and they are cheap!) I added some striped knit I had on hand…but it’s totally a great scrap buster ¬†because it only uses a little bit.
supplies for play dress

I layed out a tank top that fit my daughter. I didn’t stretch it out or anything since I would be adding 2-4 inches on each side. I even lined it up so the bottom of the shirt was the bottom of the dress so I didn’t have hem it! cut out around shirt Then sewed on the sides.¬† sew on stripes to the sides I love using this fold over elastic (it’s made for babies…but I love the colors and patterns they have! 11109113 you can get it here

It looks totally wonky when pinned on…but you can see on the pocket it totally sews on smooth!¬† elastic binding I love the fun bright colors– play dress for kids she loves that she can move and play in it. playground outfit you can sew swinging play dress

girls t-shirt dress

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