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how to adhere a big piece of vinyl….

okay..so i have talked many a time about using transfer tape.
it’s my best friend.
it will take all the small images or words you cut out and transfer it over to your project in one shabang. all straight and perfect. instead of peeling and sticking each individual letter.
but sometimes i do big projects that don’t really require transfer tape.
so i thought i would teach you the how to’s on putting a big piece of vinyl on.
now. this only works if your vinyl is one big piece. (would be perfect for adhering a big piece of chalkboard vinyl or dry erase vinyl on the wall) I used this technique on the letters below
( if it has small little parts in it..it’s better to use the transfer tape!)
so you have your big design
and if you tried to peel off the entire backing and stick it on… it won’t work (Believe me. i’ve tried) you always get one side that falls down and sticks before you have it centered…and then you get air bubbles in the middle cause it went on unevenly….seriously. it’s a vinyl fail.

you take one side…and peel it back 3 inches….

and snip off the underneath.. (luckily it’s blue so it make it easier to tell what it is in the pictures!)

so the backing is on all of it except for our 3 inch side…
then you carefully eyeball (or measure if you are a perfectionist!) and lay it flat.

you smooth it out and rub the side so it’s down flat!!!!!

then you very carefully… take up the other side that has the backing on it…and where you cut it, you slowly peel it up… i literally do about 2 inches at a time.

one hand is peeling the back..the other hand is smoothing out the front…

work slow. we don’t want bubbles! peel..stick..peel…stick…

pretty soon you have reached your end….and the vinyl piece is on perfectly smooth and centered.

Now…this project was done with a martha stewart punch. the above hello project was done by scissors and my hands…so vinyl isn’t only for people with electronic cutters…

my silhouette cameo is by far my most Favoritest thing on the planet…you might want to consider adding it to your christmas list. (you can go HERE to buy one!)




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