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Balloon present and roundup

It’s unofficial birthday week–and no birthday is complete without some fun balloons!!! (go here to see my birthday fun posts!)

balloon roundup 20 fun ways to use them for birthday and parties


first…>I have a super fun balloon post coming up soon with this baby… balloon-time-helium-tank-900x1350

 You can buy these at Walmart–and they are really affordable! I love having a Balloon time Helium tank–I can just blow up balloons on a whim! great for photo ops and surprise presents!

helium balloons balloon time and you can use these for all these fun balloon ideas!!!

(This is probably one of my favorite roundups!!! balloons just make me happy!!!!)


balloon roundup 20 fun ways to use them for birthday and parties

Flamingo balloons FlamingoBalloons_10FInal

Make them into emojis!


or as a super fun backdrop IMG_8681copy

I don’t know if I should eat them or just stare at them! too cute donut balloons! DIY-Donut-Balloons6-600x900

confetti balloons balloons with vinyl confetti hang some pictures of the birthday person! 3e35329765ff914b0420b74e91931d20

Use them to display the age!

number-balloons.001 Balloon animals


use them as a fun way to wake up the birthday person! copyright-katherine-marie-10042012c1

a balloon within  a balloon (I can’t find the source! but I imagine it just being two different sizes!



fill them with fun treats! Fill_Balloons_Candy or even money!



turn them into a flower DIY-flower-balloons or stick a glow stick in them for some nighttime fun! glow_stick_balloons_text

fun fruit balloons! DIY-Apple-Balloons3

add a fun message! DIY-Pop-Up-Message-Balloons1-600x900

or make an avalanche!  SimplyKellyDesigns_BalloonAvalanche2

make a balloon arch rainbow5

Use them for invitations  fun-and-unique-birthday-printables-pop-the-balloon-and-hidden-inside-is-all-the-details-900x1559



Design Improvised is the queen of cute balloons! check these all out here. how-to-decorate-balloons-with-cupcake-wrappers-2 cactus-balloons-1-4 diy-balloon-crafts


you can go here to see my water balloon roundup! water-balloon-roundup

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