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Tissue paper flowers!

I bought this whole package of tissue paper to make these fun garlands…but I had so much left…

tissue paper

So tissue paper flowers were made! These would be so cute for any little girls room, a fun garden party..or even cinco de mayo!

tissue paper flowers

Lay out your sheets into layers. Each layer on top being smaller than the layer below.

how to make tissue paper flowers

Then you will fold it (think old school fans out of paper!) Just an accordion pleat. fold up one side…then flip it over and fold up the other side. accordion fan to make cinco de mayo flowers my hands look old.

It will look like this:

paper fan flower-kids activity Then tie a twist tie or pipe cleaner around the middle.

twist tie and start spreading it out…you could stop at this point and make cute butterflies for a little girl’s room!!

butterfly with tissue paper but if you want the flower you just take each layer of tissue paper and pull it up towards the center

tissue paper flower how to diy

tissue paper flowers diy

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