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cardboard week—who needs baskets????

In my new house…I had a whole closet in my bathroom to put my crap (going from one little underneath the sink cabinet that had the pipes in the way.) It was a whole new world. I had place to put all my girlie supplies.

but I wanted them to look cute.

I wanted baskets… 7fa57dc6e29b89b939f8b937dd3e2662


but since I’m cheap…and needed 6…I couldn’t pull the trigger.

Plan b. organize your closet with cardboard boxes and shelf liner

I had a bunch of boxes…(think paper boxes that you can buy at staples for $1.) And cut them in half. Then slide one side into the other side. (the added  cardboard really reinforces it)  cardboard box

Then I covered it in shelf liner…I found this Duck Brand at walmart (I can’t even find it on amazon!) It matched my bathroom perfectly…Basically just wrapped it like a present!

duck shelf liner


I actually had a few of these fabric liners leftover from these baskets I got at Walmart-


Then I just filled with my crap. One for my travel supplies. One for girlie unmentionables. One for nailpolish. One of makeup. You could put toilet paper in it…washclothes whatever!

box storage

I also used some leftover liner to decorate the back of the shelf! how to get the look of expensive baskets or boxes with shelf liner

I found this weird cake stand thing at the thrift store and painted it white and it holds my wrist crap.

jewelry holder

cheap way to organize your bathroom closet

I totally want to paint the back a seafoam green for a little pop of color!! a place for everything and everything in it's placce

(sneak peak into my bathroom from instagram (agirlandagluegun) sneak peek

I also covered a big box to put in my coat closet. It holds all my tote bags. box covered with printed vinyl

storage room before

and painted


i actually had a dark and light turquoise (left over from HERE)

These hold my kids baby crap… IMG_6441 IMG_6442

I also covered a wipes box with fabric and hot glue


and then there’s these beautys


or THese burlap ones
IMG_00280 or wrap in twine


love these–


and adore these

diaper box canvas bin title


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