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Diy Spell book

omylantas.  I got a text the other day from my cousin. Showing this fun picture:

unnamed (22)

so fetching cute right??? I totally was impressed. Loved it. But then as she sent more pictures with explanations my mind was…BLOWN!!!

I thought she bought these adorable spells and potions books…but they are all diy!!!

unnamed (23)

So. Here’s the scoop. She scored some books from the thrift store…Old hard bound books. The older the better.  She added a cool spider web….WITH HOT GLUE!!!  and Added some chipboard letters and dollar store spiders…

and then painted everything black!!!

(the spells and potions chipboard was already black and glittery..so she added them after painting) but if are just regular brown add them before!!)

unnamed (25)

You can sandpaper the edges of the book and letters to distress it a bit more.

She highlighted with some gold paint too!

unnamed (24)

she claims she can’t draw…(which i disagree) So she printed off the apple and traced it….so If you feel artistically challenged you can go that route!!

even the spine looks amazing (these are rings!!)
unnamed (26) q

guys…and girls…

I was in love. and i knew my kids would think it was literally the coolest thing ever! So i had to make my very own spell book!!!

(fyi…I found some old books at the library for a quarter….which is way cheaper than my thrift store sells them for!!!)

spell and potion book how to

(I used chipboard from silhouette….!) diy spell book

and just for funsies…here’s a picture with my cousin. circa: a freakin long time ago. #permedbangs

IMG_8684 diy halloween spell book

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