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the easiest maxi skirt using ruffle fabric!

guys. girls . you. I love ruffle fabric. I do. It’s the prettiest stuff…and It’s so easy to work with (no fraying…ie…no hemming!) You can sew a basic skirt…and it just looks so…amazing! like you worked so hard on it! when in all honestly..it took about 30 minutes!
ruffle skirt with ruffle fabric--a girl and a glue gun


this is the fabric i scored…a beautfiul mint…the very edges of the ruffle is a bit darker…which makes it have so much more dimension! RF-06SmoothMintGreen-2

I love maxi skirts—




and my daughter has gotten onto the maxi skirt trend! It was her birthday so I decided to whip one up for her in her favorite color! It’s so easy…just measure and cut….and sew (down the two sides–yellow dashes) how to sew a maxi skirt

Ruffle fabric tip: when sewing make sure that the ruffles are all pointing down….This is one fabric I always pin so I can keep the ruffles in place!

Then I just add an elastic band. (did you know ruffle fabric also has the most adorable elastic!! go here!)
maxi skirt with ruffle fabric I followed this basic tutorial on how to add elastic!


She loves it!!! maxi skirt ruffle skirt ruffle skirt maxi ruffle skirt


I also ended up making a headband wrap to match! I love how it turned out! headband using ruffle fabric


i cute this basic shape…and added a piece around the middle to make the bow effect…. headband shape wrap around the bow

diy hair band how to

we kept the back pieces long to see them peeking out of her long hair! hair band peeking out the back


check out all this other amazing eye candy from ruffle fabric ruffle fabric

and here’s some other fun things I have made with ruffle fabric!!!

my fabric lamp shade makeover


my daughter’s baptism dress DSC07565

kid drawn monsters turned stuffed animals… 26d4a1b63ddb50ac6e618bad1c0fc493 DSC04528

valentines door decoration

valentines outfit


st. patricks day table runner
DSC04680 st. patricks day good luck blocks

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