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stuffed animal from kids drawing –with a new stuffed animal

here’s a guest post i did over at the sewing rabbit– the theme was K.I.D.S.

which i can’t remember what it stands for.

but the jist is your kids design something and you make it.

and i love this series.

i recently added a NEW one–so even if you have seen this you really haven’t SEEN it.

i came up with:

kid drawn monsters

which you have seen around pinterest. I LOVED the idea. and I love looking at the kid’s drawings turned to art!



my 8 (at the time) year old drew a bunch of funny monsters…and i went through and picked my favorite ones to make..

here’s the new one i made that you guys didn’t get to see..



stuffed animals can be complicated…but i like things easy peasy so i did just a basic structure…

cut the pieces…


I LOVE ruffle fabric..and wanted an excuse to use it…so i used it for the bellies…You can buy ruffle fabric HERE

it’s basically the greatest stuff ever! makes the perfect skirts!!!


sew on all face and any details before you sew the pieces together.. DSC01832 DSC01833

for ears: Or hands: OR feet:

stuffed animal ears

sew around…making sure to leave just an opening to turn it right side out…

I take all the pieces and sew them in place before attaching the other side…


put right sides together…with all limbs out of the way…

leave an opening

once again..leave an opening to turn it right side out…and then stuff (i use any leftover fabric and scraps then stuffing….cause i’m cheap like that. stitch

then you are done!!!! PicMonkey Collagemonster stuffed animal

(i did take a little creative license to add a little here and there…but i think the drawings integrity¬†is still there…
PicMonkey Collagemonsters2 PicMonkey Collage monsters

this one loves them…(and was so excited when i finally got hers done!)

kid drawn monster PicMonkey Collageh

PicMonkey Collagefeet

kid drew a monster red monster

blue monster

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