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straw building guest post for funner in the summer

This posted over at 30 handmade days for her funner in the summer series!!! But these fun straw sculptures can be done during the summer…or winter months!!! It’s a great way to keep your kids entertained and tap into their creativity!!!
straw building kid craft funner in the summer series! the best part is that straws are CHEAP!!! and you only need these and a pair of scissors! straw supplies


before we start I would like to say: i need a manicure. the end. okay on with the how-to.

You just take an end of a straw and pinch it and bend it and then slide it into another straw….(insert joke about legally blonde “bend….and SNAP”)  how to build with straws this technique just makes long straws..to get the shapes you take a straw and bend it in half. Take some scissors and snip the bent part. This leaves you with a little hole in the middle to slide your straw through to help build up your design!
kid craft--straw building how to


We had loads of fun. My 6 year old just made a giant straw to suck up water with…

giant straw fun but my 10 and 8 year old just built and built until we ran out of straws! straw hat and rose--kid craft-agirlandagluegun.com straw building--a girl and a glue gun


If you are looking for more fun ways to entertain your kids you can try making trash robots

trash robots

these easy yarn bracelets

yarn bracelets-- kid craft


or these fun outdoor games (when the weather cooperates!)


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