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Oh snap….printables.


Happy labor day everyone!! I hope everyone is enjoying this fun day! (fingers crossed the weather holds out for us!) I decided today i would leave you with some inspiring thoughts for this non working day…..


remember many moons (april) when I went to snap blog conference?  it was hands down one of the most fun times I’ve ever had (after disneyland of course!) Besides the dressing up…and the acting like teenage girls…and eating til I thought I would implode….

My mind was fed by amazing people!!! There were a couple quotes that have really stayed with me…So I turned them into some free printables for you.

  noelle pikus pace quote from snap

This one was said by the awesome Rachel of today’s mama. i love it so much. I ran across another quote about a year ago that said: Stop the glorification of being busy. and I adore it….These  two go hand in hand. So many times we are so busy busy busy…but with the important things?  I know I’m always busy…ALWAYS. But I also know that I could cross out half of my to do list and no one would notice and the world would still go on!
bee is swatted


I took an instagram class from susan peterson from freshly picked! She was amazing and insightful and knows her crap.


she started with this quote…. start where you are. use what you have. do what you can. freshly picked

  quote from freshly picked snap

freshly picked snap quote

and ended with her motto: work hard and be nice susan work hard in yellow work hard pink

(she also said “Balance is Bull S*#@.” Which I enjoyed cause it seems to be my constant battle around here.)


and last but not least the amazing noelle pikus pace!
noelle pikus pace

she told an amazing story about how she was so concentrating on not going up and hitting the top (this is on her skeleton sled thingamobob.) that of course she went right up and rammed it…cause where you look is where you go. where you look is where you go. noelle pikus pace

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