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toilet phone, dancing on chairs, 80’s hair and other scary stories from SNAP!


So…I survived my first blog conference. I was so on edge…and my first 20 minutes had me ready to curl up and hide in the corner. i was ready to go home cause it was so OVERWHELMING!

but i persevered and made it through!  The past couple years i wanted to throw a tomato at any blog that talked about snap…cause i was jealous.

so i will try not to be annoying….

and shoot more for entertaining…cause lets face it. I’m a fool.

So let’s start:

I don’t leave my kids. like ever. So the nerves started early that the whole system at home would fall apart without me. (it didn’t) I thought no one would remember to do homework…the dog poop wouldn’t be picked up….the trash wouldn’t make it the curb. So i wrote lists…upon lists…upon lists…I’m neurotic.

husband was awesome and not only did everything get done…the house was clean to boot…..
unnamed (19)

So, i’m getting ready to leave.  bags are packed and loaded. and i’m waiting for travel companions to come. 5 minutes away.

I’m thinking…”i should get one more pee in before we make the trip..”

phone’s in back pants pocket.

i pull down pants to pee.

phone goes in toilet.

I literally scream NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I mean COME ON!

(luckily it fell in– pre-pee)

So my phone laid in a bed of rice in a tupperware container for the majority of the trip.

toilet phone

It actually turned on on Friday  (I left Wednesday) It functioned kinda…the right side of the screen is frozen. So i can’t use P, backspace or hashtag.

makes for an interesting time trying to message people. Luckily there is a speaker that I can speak into to get the majority of it done.

(picture me trying to find a quiet corner in the mass hysteria of bloggers to say, “hashtag toilet phone.”  It was pretty awesome.)

First: roommates:


shelly from dolen diares, me, mandy from sugar bee crafts and ariean from one krieger chick

love everysingleone of these chicks! that last night we laughed ourselves into a hissy.

(whatever a hissy is)

(they will be in more pictures…and i’m lazy and don’t want to link to them each time..so remember these faces.)


for how much i talk about mandy…i’ve never met her in real life. She was the first blogger i really talked to. I was in the mentality that I could do this myself..and then realized that blogging is so much better when you have someone you can ask questions to or bounce ideas off of…

 i totally was so excited to meet her (and sleep with her! ha!) and i left loving her even more than before. (and loving her husband even less…cause he sent some gross pictures of what goes on in the beyeler house when mom’s not around.)

I literally am trying to figure out a way to see her more than just once a year at snap. I’m hoping (fingers crossed) she decides to come visit the inlaws soon!


I met sooo many people  at Snap. You know how you have your favorite bloggers that you love, and you worry that they aren’t going to be as awesome in real life.

well they were even more awesome than expected and I left with major girl crushes!!!


we may have gone to walmart with the bows on our head #bowsbeforebros

My favorite part of snap was the sewing room run by these gals. (oh…puffy heart them. even if they didn’t have a clue who i was (inside joke))

simple simon

I got to help out in the open sew (and race mandy as we sewed scarves. We could be so productive if we lived by each other.)

We made a scarf from Lil blue boo who is so beautiful and had the coolest business cards!


and got taught by Amy of a diary of a quilter she was AMAZING and I learned SOOO much from her!

sewing room

Jessica lived across town from me and now that she moved we FINALLY got to meet!!!

I got to sew next to the these two cuties…


bev from the flamingo toes and amy from the postively splendid

here’s my finished pillow (squint so you can’t see that they don’t match up! quilting is SO much fun…but i’m SO not a perfectionist!!!)

IMG_9151 IMG_9161

okay…moving on…(this post is going to take me forever!!)

Snap did a secret sister exchange where you are assigned a blogger and give them 3 presents (but you don’t reveal who you are until the last one)

My secret sister was the BEST ever…She literally made me cry. (i’m not a crier) then i made my roommates cry. and later told my friend and made her tear up. it was the SWEETEST presents in the whole wide world!!!

She went through my instagram and printed off favorite pictures and complied them in a book..with cute stickers and labels.  unnamed (22)

(yes. that bag says KIMBO’S CRAP!!!!!) i even ripped off the bows that were on the presents to save!!! (i’m such a hoarder)

it was cute virginia at fynes design


you must go follow her NOW!!!!!

I had crystal at a pumpkin and princess who i already know and love…so i had a bit of fun. and she kept showing me what she got from her secret sister and i thought she was mocking me cause she knew it was me. she said she SCREAMED when she unwrapped her third present and found out it was me!!!

Capturedf gold

besides all the screaming like teenage girls and classes…we had great entertainment!

Like the awesome entertaining Alex BOYE! (he was so fun!)

alex boye

name doesn’t ring a bell? watch this…

we also had the inspiring and lovely Noelle piKus Pace

noelle pikus pace

and Erika from P.S. i made this she took a picture of us…

p.s we had dress up nights….(i’m all about the fun dress ups!) this was 80’s pj party by cricut

unnamed 80s dance

i’m a spaz and ended up dancing on a chair to michael jackson.  then me and mckenzie had a rap off of “i like big butts i can not lie”.. i’m pretty sure that is a youtube video in the making !!!

It’s hard for people to believe  that i’m an introvert when i act like a fool…but music just brings it out in me! and i was surrounded by friends. and the 80’s outfits helps…like a disguise!

I made this t-shirt the night before i left…and when i went to bed after the party I was glowing! apparently i had used glow in the dark t-shirt vinyl!!!

ice ice baby vanilla ice

can we take a minute to address the fact that there was an ACTUAL toilet phone in the hotel. I never understand why that is a necessity.


and then the next night was 80’s prom….

unnamed (27)


holly, me and mckenzie (my driving companions!) (shout out to idaho bloggers!!!)


roomates plus kim from 733  prom 3


my only regret is not getting pictures with everyone. It was such a whirlwind of running around. so much to do and we just couldn’t fit in time to do it all! we had a whole desk of treats and they didn’t even get opened cause we didn’t have time!!!! (you know you are too busy when you can’t find energy to eat chocolate!!!)


pictured is  linda from craftaholics anonymous and that bottom picture is stephanie from crafing in the rain




love her so much!!! next year my goal is to get a picture with all the kims! there were alot!!!!


here’s the mass of people i met–I”m going to sort through them all and feature them on my blog!!!!

business cards

all the classes were awesome and i learned so much!!!! I wanted to start blogging immediately after each class to implement what i learned! (ironic…seeing how i haven’t blogged since i’ve been back. BUT my laundry is all done!)

we took an AMAZING class from susan from freshly picked…and we both ended up winning baby moccasins!!! (I could make a whole week worth of quote printables with all the insightful things she said!!!)


freshly picked

do i have a baby? nope? am i going to wear them on my big toe? probably!

they also did a door decorating contest! (400 gift card to target was up for grabs!)

we stuck with the 80’s theme and contacted some of our favorite bloggers to get some of their 80’s pictures… and it was a mix and match to guess who belonged to who!


they were pretty awesome even if we didn’t win!!! (we had some stiff competition) PicMonkey Collagegdfghrt PicMonkey Collage8-0 PicMonkey Collage 80sf

 I was the last one to check out of the hotel (after running some roomies to the airport at 5:40 in the morning. That’s true love right there. I did contemplate just having them take my car and hitchhiking later to go get it. i hate mornings.)

 for some reason the sight of our 4 keys made me so incredibly sad!!!

unnamed (29)

Our days started at 8 (and of course we had to get beautiful cause of all the pictures) so we had to get up by at least 7…and then by the time we got back to our room we would just sit and chit chat…so i think we averaged about 5 hours of sleep a night!!! i came home and crashed! I still feel like i haven’t got enough sleep!!!!


and guess what…i didn’t even talk about all the SWAG we got. 3 bags full. seriously. it was awesome.

would i do it next year?

you bet your bottom dollar i would.

(if you made it all the way to the bottom you get 600 glue gun points! but go HERE to see some fun video of us!!!)

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.