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Month of Disney series!–mickey dress!


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If you have read this blog before…you know one thing..i’m a hoarder. and i’m cheap. and i’m a HUGE disney fan.

Okay…that was 3 things! but it’s all true! especially the disney part! So when Rachel decided to have a MONTH OF DISNEY! I HAD to sign up!

We are taking a trip to disneyland (yeah!) sooner than later…and I love to show our disney side as we go through the park.

So I made this cute mickey mouse silhouette dress…..

mickey mouse dress hand painted

it’s trimmed out with gold bias tape….

mickey mouse close up gold collar

my original design was elastic waist..but that didn’t happen. and I started with lots of mickey mouse at the top and then fading them out…but I didn’t like it as much as I thought. I ended up cutting loads of mickey heads on some vinyl…cutting them apart and using them as stencils!

mickey mouse dress

after it was all dry…it got sewed together….

mickey mouse dress smiling

and we love it! (i kinda want one in my size!)

balloon 3 mickey mouse dress with silhouette mickey mouse dress

Here’s past disney stuff i’ve done! (click on pictures to take you to the post!)


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month of disney

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