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Disney Movie Quotes game with Free Printables!

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This is a game we play OFTEN at our house. I’m 90% certain that my kids don’t even realize when they are quoting disney movies anymore. It just flows naturally out of their mouths!

It’s A disney movie quote game.

disney movie quotes game with free printables agirlandagluegun.com

If i say

Let’s get down to business….

and you said, “to defeat the Huns”

then this game is for you.

If you read this…


and you really sang it.

than this game is for you.

If you can finish this address:

P.Sherman 42…………

Than this game is for you.

If you read this… tumblr_m0h1jiXY851r42t4bo4_1280

and you pronunciatied RID. OF. YOU. Than this game is for you.

When I write: YOU ARE A TOY…and you hear woody’s voice….

than this game is for you!!!!

Tell me: is there a fun quote that i missed? Leave me a comment!!!!

(and if there are any spelling mistakes or grammer mistakes…i’m good. I won’t be going back to add an apostrophe! sorry! I’m an imperfect person!)

(edited to add: despicable me is not a disney movie….sorry! My kids were helping me and coming up with ideas and i didn’t catch it at the time!!!)

I just did animated disney cartoons..cause once you open it up to non animated….well….there is just no stopping!!!

Just right click and save to your computer and print out from there! then just cut them apart!!! You can split into teams and see how many each team can get in 30 seconds!
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