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Happy Mother’s day (and father’s day…cause it’s coming up fast!)

so…the older i get…and the older my parents get…the lame (r) my presents get. Unless they ask for specific things….i just give them money or gift cards.

But just cause I’m predictable doesn’t mean it can’t look cute!

mothers day card withe free printables mother's day cards with money origami

I used the cute dress dollar bill oragmi from HERE

the heart from HERE

and since father’s day will sneak up on us..

father's day card

and the t-shirt origami from HERE or for the tie version go HERE

dollar bill folded into a t-shirt

mothers day card 3 mothers day card mothers day printable mothers dyas

and here’s the fathers day ones….

fathers day card free happy fathers' day card happy fathers day free printable

go here for even more fun ways to give money…

clever ways to give money as a gift!
DSC04515 i also have this mothers day card!!!

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