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What moms really want for mothers day.

(this was posted as a guest post….but i find it applicable for mother’s day! So i revamped it…and added some free printables)

and i recently had a birthday.(i will save you the rant about how i hate birthdays…)

but i had one. and you know…as a mom….it’s not like your birthday is really fantastical. i mean if someone pukes..it’s all you. you can’t say, “sorry 3 year old. it’s my birthday so clean it up yourself.”

My husband is really great and usually cooks dinner and takes care of that aspect for my birthday (and mother’s day)….but then all the dishes sit there until the next day when mother’s day is over and i return to my wifely duties…..

saw this and LOVED it!!!!)


So i give you…the best present for mom’s help with dishes gift and printable

dishes free printable for mother's day

think birthdays, mother’s day, someone having a baby, someone that is sick etc!!!! Our neighborhood is really great at taking meals…but the dishes will still stack up! perfect gift for mother's day. do the dishes printable!

I bought all this at the dollar store….one stop shopping…and cute to boot.

dollar store supplies plates and utensils


silverware wrapped in napkins

i love this silver plastic utensils. looks so fancy!!!


or wrap it in twine/ribbon

utensils wrapped together with twine

you can throw it in a basket…

basket gift ideas

or just wrap it all together

let us help with the dishes printable

and add a printable!

  easy and cheap gift idea

(all printables clear down at the bottom…)

mother's day printable for free

LET US help with the dishes sign

i made some for neighbor gifts a few years ago let us help with the dishes. christmas neighbor gift idea!

christmas gift


and if you want to be really ambitious you can throw in dinner…

this is where the old post starts….

it {of course} includes paper plates and napkins..no dishes here!!!! some people are just hard to shop for…this is one present that will never be returned!

the dollar store has loads of these….it’s a must..remember the no clean up part of this present?


i made some chicken enchiladas….cause i’m not much for casseroles….

and just wrote the instructions on the plastic lid…

tie up with some pretty paper and napkins…

and don’t forget the treat! (this is a great one cause if they are going out to dinner for said birthday it refrigerates well and can be heated up the next day)

chicken enchiladas:
you buy some chicken..and put it in an enchilada.
okay. not really.
1 can cream of chicken
3/4 cup sour cream
One fourth cup salsa
Grated cheese
Green onions to taste
Chicken (cooked and shredded)
Spoon into flour tortilla shells. Spread remaining mixtures over enchiladas and cover with cheese
Bake 20 min at 350 degrees.

i made this little thank you package for my friend who babysat my dog all week…

(basket from dollar store…the red tupperware has some knock off cafe rio sweet pork…then some cheese and tortilla shells
lasagna also would be great
and THIS pizza casserole is awesome and VERY kid friendly and not really a casserole at all…
and luckily pinterest if full of yummy things to make!
I have a pinterest board devoted to freezer meals HERE
or here are some fun casseroles:
like this Doritos casserole
or this chicken cordon blue
and we’ve made this broccoli tator tot casserole…two thumbs by the fam
and this link has 6 casserole dishes that you can make and freeze. you could do all your cooking on one day and not have to do it again for a week!
i know some people aren’t  big casserole fans. kinda the feeling of throwing everything in a pyrex dish.
BUT you can really do this with any kind of food
AND if you wanted to do a little something extra for their birthday…you could give their birthday dinner in an etched pan
i mean..you could be all mature and do the last name…
but i never claimed i was mature.
and if you have a great recipe…leave it in the comments! we all love new dishes!

dishes 2 dishes 3 dishes 5 dishes 55 dishes 75 dishes

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