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wrap it up! an easy and inexpensive neighbor gift

this was a guest post last year…still one of my favorite gifts! wrapping paper gift idea..perfect for neighbors neighbor christmas gift...get wrapped up in the spirit
I’ve got a lot of neighbors. and luckily for me…i love them all most of them.  so I needed to get them all something fabolous. and cheap.
cause i’m fabulous.
and cheap.
not pretty woman cheap
more like thrifty cheap.
I hit up my walgreens when they had a sale on wrapping paper. buy one (at $1.99) get 2 free. So i ended up with 15 rolls for $10. and the worker asked if I had alot of presents to wrap. he he. i’m sure he thought it was a little wrapping paper overboard!

Then i found packs of bows for 97 cents (just saved myself 3 cents each from the dollar store. i just took my cheapness to a WHOLE nother level!)

then i hopped on picmonkey and made some printables

(you can click on them and save them to your computer and print from there!

added some ribbon and a family picture

and wrapped it up!

(i was going to add a roll or tape..but dudes..its started snowing. that really wet slushy snow..and i’m soo not going out in that weather. so just use your imaginations that some scotch tape is hanging there too…..)

loved this printable as well! Wrapping-paper-tags1-1024x682

my mom also got this one.. it’s so clever and cute and practical.
and i’m so clever and cute and practical so i had to share. christmas neighbor gift..let us help with the dishes

all purchased for a dollar at walmart!

here’s a printable for you—
dishes printable

go here for more GREAT neighbor gifts!!!


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