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What to do with dried up markers–kid craft

what to do with dried up markers we love to color

but apparently we don’t always love to put the caps securely on.

which results in dried up markers.

dried up markers

but the other day (purely by accident.) i noticed that if you dip dried up markers in water they had a burst of color

so we turned it into a little easter craft.

dried markers in water

just dip in like a paintbrush and color away. water coloring It gives a little water color paint effect to the pictures

A. don’t leave them in the water cause the color will all soak out into the water.

B. one time use! these markers were on their last leg and had just enough ink to do these last few pictures!

water color with old markers (another craft tip: save those weird plastic cups your kids get at restaurants! they make great water cups for your paintbrushes!

here’s our finished products:

a girl and a glue gun--dried up markers

(I put the negative space of an easter egg on the paper (with transfer tape) and let her color. and then peeled it off after it dried.

easter egg made with dried up maekrs

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