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the power of spray paint!

the other day i scored this cute desk..….

IMGP1441 (1) i’ve been searching for one for my daughters room. (she had a folding table in her room)

so i pounced….

and gave it a little makeover.

and one can of white primer, and 3 cans of yellow krylon spray paint later….(sun yellow) spray painted desk

i love spray paint.

–it takes little time. (okay..you spend time waiting for it to dry between coats)but i’m a multitasker so it’s not big thing for me)

–it reaches the hard to reach spots with ease.

–it smells good (ha!)

reasons i hate spray paint

–it has to be warm enough…and i live in idaho. so i literally just let the projects pile up and the weather gets warm and i spend the entire day spray painting.

–overspray (i don’t mind it so much. my husband does. his dirt bike has never been prettier in my honest opinion.)

yellow dresser

but you know…i love me a little something extra.

so i ended up painting the sides of the drawer white and adding a fun patterns. inside painted dresser drawers--agirlandagluegun

the large polka dots are a cutting edge stencil (from HERE)

the stripes are just some frog tape taped off…and i have mini polka dot stencil black and white desk drawers dresser redo with spray paint

then on the inside of the big drawer i added another cutting edge stencil surprise! (find it here)

inside of a desk drawer

such a fun little pop! I love it so much! Can’t wait until her room is all put together!

yellow desk psst: fun girl printable from here

and go here to see another version!


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