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valentines candy skewers!

phew! glad scarf week is over! (OKAY..my daughter is glad it’s over. i had to start paying her a dollar every time she posed for me. (make sure you didn’t miss any and go HERE to see them all!!!)

but now..it’s on {for valentines} like donkey kong!

guys! these valentines candy skewers are the funnest things ever!

candy skewers

you just need skewers…

IMG_5087 and candy that is soft enough to poke the skewer through


then…going slowly..you just work the candy down!!!
candy skewers for valentines day

super fun for a class party at school, you could even lay it all out and have the kids do it themselves!!!

valentines candy skewers and think about ALL the other holidays you could do this for!!!

Halloween: gummy worms, eyeballs, candy corn!

you could red white and blue candies for 4th of july

red and green and white christmas candy!

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