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scarf shoutouts!

and why not end scarf week with a round up of my most favoritest scarves!!!! (if you missed any scarves go HERE) purl bee   smocked!!!   flamingo toes How about a cute katniss cowl!? Winthrop chronicles     i am momma etsy pink when instructables vintage look creations presser foot such a fun site! […]

embellished scarves–scarf week is STILLLL going on!

now…take your favorite scarf tutorial.. or heck…even buy a scarf… and add some fun embellishments to really make it your own!!! you can add lace buttons source pom pom trim source and more pom pom trim cause I love it so. bows source all sorts of fun trims source leather cuffs source hair clips source […]

bobble scarf–scarf week!

i started this scarf a YEAR ago.. but them it got warm and  i got buried down in my drafts. but i’m happy to revive it! this is such a fun unique technique to get the “bobbles”  You need marbles..and rubberbands (you can use the rubberbands from the rubberband bracelets (use those colors that no […]

color blocking scarf

okay…i know when you think color blocking..you think like pink then all of sudden a big bold orange. but i have a pink scarf. so this is kinda color blocking. only cause i can’t think of another good way to describe it! you can do it two ways. take a strip….(mine are 18 inches and […]

hooded scarf (scarf week!)

okay okay. this one isn’t really mine! but is saw it…and holy cow there are just so cute so i HAD to make one!! it’s a little more complicated than just a basic scarf…but the outcome? how can you NOT want to make it!!! she has a GREAT tutorial!!!     go HERE to see […]

fleece scarf!!! (scarf week)

i like fleece. lemmetellyouwhy. cause like’s its cousin knit…it doesn’t fray. which means half the work. and in Idaho we are cold 9 months out of the year. so these fun fleece scarves will do double duty. it will keep your neck warm. and you it’s super cute to look at!!! i laid out 3 […]

what i wore–scarf edition

lets get real. i have no chest. okay. i do. but they aren’t something to brag about. and when i gain weight i gain it in my gut. it’s super pretty. so i have this love of scarves cause i feel like it just adds to my front like no Victoria secret bra can. so […]

Plaid square scarf (scarf week)

i think in a past life i was a lumberjack. i love plaid. and here’s a bonus for it…it’s double sided. the pattern is on both sides so it’s like MEANT for scarves. i bought this  cute green/gray plaid square scarf  from Downeast awhile back…   and i had to recreate it! i bought a […]

T-shirt fringe scarf (no sew!) scarf week

for all you non-sewers out there….i’ve got a couple no sew scarfs! this one is super easy–and all it requires is an old knit shirt (stretchy!) i actually bought one at joanns (on sale 4 for $9) cause my daughter is lovin the neon theme (hello early 90s) I bought mine xl…and it wraps around […]

scarf with pockets!!!!

this was a guest post over at me sew crazy…she was having a re-sew-lution….and since it snowed today and i’m freezing i thought it was the perfect time to get it out of my draft box! my re -SEW- lution…is to ACTUALLY use the fabric i have. i keep buying and buying and then i […]