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bobble scarf–scarf week!

i started this scarf a YEAR ago..
but them it got warm and  i got buried down in my drafts.
but i’m happy to revive it!
this is such a fun unique technique to get the “bobbles”
 You need marbles..and rubberbands
(you can use the rubberbands from the rubberband bracelets (use those colors that no one likes!)
and material.
(i bought just a half yard of knit)
and then i made a bobble scarf out of a scarf i got on clearance for $3 at walmart!
you will take the marbles…and put them in the scarf…and wrap the rubber band around it….
you boil it!
(didn’t see that coming did you?!)
just a few minutes —5-10. i stuck some skewers in there so the scarf wasn’t sitting directly on the bottom.
then run cold water over it to make it cool down.
get as much water out as possible and then let air dry (leaving the marbles in!)
(do you like how i keep switching scarves on ya!)
after its dry..take out marbles…
the leave little bobbles all over it!
and while it was super cool like that… i like to gather it up… i run a loose stitch around the bumps…in and out..figure eights etc…. and then i pull the bottom string to gather them all close.
it makes for such a fun interesting scarf!
marble scarf i tried it out on a bunch of different fabric… this striped is knit…the one next to it is a rayon…

and this blue is cotton..and the last one is a ribbed knit mix. they worked on all…!
so go grab some marbles and get cooking!
bobble scarf 5
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